Wanted in Norwood on Murder Charge.

Chief Lavers Hurries Away to Identify Him. Slender Clew Leads, to Placing Suspect.

Thu, Aug 29, 1912 – 5 · The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts) · Newspapers.com

PHILADELPHIA, Aug 2&-His suspicions aroused by letters and weapons found in the possession of Francesco Ricco, 43 years old, who, with a number of vagrant was arrested in Frankford about a week ago. Captain of Detectives Robert Cameron queried the 42 towns named Norwood in the United States, and as a result he received a telegram late this afternoon from Chief of Police James W. Lavers of Norwood, Mass, that Ricco is wanted in the New England town for the alleged murder of a fellow countryman.

The letters, papers and memorandum books found in Ricco’s pockets when he was arrested bore only the name of Norwood and did not give the State. Capt Cameron, however, attached considerable importance to the capture and began an investigation.

Accompanying the queries sent to the 42 hamlets, villages, towns and cities was a photograph of the prisoner, on the back of which were his bertillon measurements.

Chief Lavers of Norwood, Mass, said In his telegram that the picture and measurements of the man held here correspond in every detail with the man wanted. Chief Lavers wired that he will come on to take Ricco.


Chief of Police Lavers Goes to Philadelphia to Take Ricco Into His Custody.

NORWOOD, Aug 28—Chief of Police James W. Lavers left today for Philadelphia to identify and bring back here Francesco Ricco held there on suspicion of being the man who killed Vincenzo Stefano at 11 Dean st in this town on Sunday night. Aug 1.

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On that night Chief Lavers was called to the Dean-st house where he found Stefano dying, with two bullet wounds in his arm and one in his body. His investigation revealed that there had been a drunken row in the house in which several men were Involved. A man known as Francesco Ricco, alias Rocco, alias Rossi, Rosa and Rosso, who had been living in Norwood six months, kept the Dean-st Italian boarding house with his wife.

Stefano was one of the several boarders.

Stefano was removed to the Massachusetts General Hospital, where he died the next morning. Domenico Rossi, Vincenzo Fiore and Giuseppi Reggitano were arrested, charged with complicity in the killing. They were arraigned in the Dedham District Court, pleaded not guilty, their case having been continued from time to time and they were held without bail.

The father of one of the men implicated gave Chief Lavers information upon which he has been working since. The fact that Ricco tied after the shooting caused the police to turn their attention to his pursuit. His wife was arrested as a material witness and released on bail. While the police were seeking this man, word came from Philadelphia of his arrest in that city. Chief Lavers can identify him if the prisoner is the man wanted, and he believes he is.