Veterans housing was built on Veterans Road next to HIghland Cemetery for WWII veterans and their families. It was replaced in 1953 by the Washington Heights development. (Courtesy Hansen and Donahue Collection- Originally published in “Norwood, A History” by Patricia J. Fanning. Colorized by the Norwood Historical Society)

The Norwood Veterans Housing Board accepted the first four homes at the G. I. village at Bellevue avenue and Winter street today.

It is expected that one of the homes will be occupied immediately and the others very shortly.

These four homes are the only ones the Housing Board felt it could consider as complete at this time. These houses are the two nearest Winter street on each side of “Veterans’ Road.”

Unless an extreme emergency should arise for any family, it is expected that none of the remaining 36 family units will be approved for approximately ten days or two weeks. The amount of labor the contractor will be able to retain at the project will be a large factor in determining how long it will take to complete it.

Work to be finished includes grading streets, surfacing, seeding, floor painting, plumbing, insulation and the placing of mailboxes.

With more than 160 applications received for the 40 units, the claims for occupancy were based on the priority of the application, except in the instances of actual eviction notices being served on some families.

August 20, 1946- The Norwood Messenger