C. A. Riley Seeks Removal of Selectman Mutch

NORWOOD. Aug. 19—The local political feud raging in this town today saw the recall clause of the town charter set in motion for the first time today, as Clement A. Riley, well-known Norwood businessman, set out to remove Selectman John M Mutch from office.

Selectman Mutch announced last week that he will seek to remove Town Manager William C. Kendrick, who has held this position for eight years, at the next meeting of the Selectmen, and since that time the town has been lining up in the rival camps of Mutch and Kendrick.

Today Riley, a former member of the Board of Welfare, filed an affidavit seeking the removal of Mutch with Town Clerk James A. Pendergast. He alleged that the Selectman had failed to perform his duty in the best interests of the town.

Business man Riley accused Mutch of awarding contracts to persons not the low bidder, of ignoring responsible low bidders in bad faith, of discriminating to the detriment of the town, and of allowing selfish motives to influence his official actions.

He further charged that Mutch had falsely accused Kendrick of no cooperation and that he had sought to coerce and control the town managers actions, by threatening him with removal proceedings.

Norwood’s recall system has never been used before, but today Riley left the office of Clerk Pendergast with a package of petition blanks. He must obtain 200 signatures for his removal petition. If he gets them, and they are certified, Mutch has five days in which to resign or announce that he will run in the special election which will automatically be held for his office.

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Fri, Aug 19, 1938 – 19 · The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)