Norwood Fire Department

Norwood Fire Reorganized 1916 19 Aug 1916, Sat The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)

The Norwood Fire Department was practically reorganized at a meeting held last evening at the Central Fire Station by the Board of Engineers, including Chief Engineer J. Fred Boyden, Engineer Frank W. Talbot and Town Manager C. A. Bingham, who is likewise a member of the Board of Engineers. The captains and secretaries of the various companies met with the board, and all agreed that the new rules and regulations of the board were all right. The department will consist of 35 men, divided into three companies.

Combination No. 1, Hook and Ladder No. 1, and Hose No. 2. Each company will consist of two officers, a captain and a lieutenant and secretary combined, a driver and eight men. The captains will each receive $70 a year, and the lieutenant-secretaries $65 a year each. There will be six first-class call men who will respond to all alarms, with the combination company, who will receive $65 a year each. There will be 18 regular call men at $50 a year each. The only extra pay will be on forest fires, when the forest fire warden will select from the regular men, the pay to be 50 cents an hour.

The members will be fined $1 for every fire or drill which they fail to attend, and will hold drills during the Summer and instruction meetings In the Winter, four members of the combination company will sleep In the Central Fire Station. Six call men will have signal bells placed in their houses so they can be called from the Central Station.