This Day in Norwood History- August 18


August 18, 1923- Bostonians who believe that nearly all the haying is done in New Hampshire and Maine, should pay a visit to the Norwood and Westwood estate of , ex-Governor General of the Philippines.

Here is one of the largest stacks of hay in New England. Some people tell of large haystacks in Canada arid throughout the West, but here is a haystack that contains well over 100 tons already and Will hold between 300 and 400 tons of hay when completed. This haystack is within 14 miles of the State House.

The former Governor General of the Philippines is accustomed to doing things on a large scale. However, very few people know of the farm he runs in Westwood, along the same magnificent scale. The haystack shown above is only a single instance among many. His beautiful brick home is another.

The haystack contains about 175 tons of hay. It is more than 100 feet long, 50 feet wide and 50 feet high. It is built with modern apparatus, as shown in the picture. Two poles, over 50 feet in height, are connected at the top with a wire cable. Along this runs the big pitchfork that takes up a quarter of a ton of hay at each swoop and makes just a few mouthfuls of an entire load. It looks, when empty, like a gigantic spider suspended in mid air on its steel wire cobweb.

Ten men are engaged hauling loading of hay to it. Several carts carry the sweet smelling clover hay to fill up this tremendous haystack.

When completed the haystack will make a fine reserve of fodder for Mr Forbes’ beautiful polo ponies, that should last the entire year.

Many visitors have been to see this haystack already. Camera fiends are “snapping” the picture all day long tor souvenirs. It makes an easy ride from Boston on the Boston-Providence turn, pike and is located almost on the detour.

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