Young Walter McNally of Dorchester Wanted to Enter on Wooly West Career There.

Sat, Aug 15, 1908 – 10 · The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts) ·

NORWOOD. Aug 15— Late last evening J. S. Cheney, clerk of a store in the Sanborn block in which the Norwood national bank is located, saw something moving about near the corner of the bank, which he presumed at first was a dog or rabbit. Closer Investigation revealed the presence of two boys, the eldest about 10 years old. On being discovered the smaller boy ran away.

The lad who was captured said he came from Dorchester and was on his way to Texas, which he believed was only about 14 miles from Norwood. The two lads had evidently been deep in half-dime libraries. The boy had on a blue shirt, which he believed was the kind of shirt cowboys and bandits of the wild and wooly west wear. On being taken to the town lockup the boy escaped and was only recaptured after a hard run.

The boy gave his name as Walter McNally and lives 5 Letterfine Ter, Dorchester. His father Is a barber. The boy was not locked in a cell, but provided with a good bed and will be taken today by Mr. Flynn to his home.

The two boys had been hiding in an alley in the rear of the Norwood bank when found, and evidently intended to remain there all night.

Young McNally’s partner has not yet been discovered.