Ambassador Forbes, Norwood Man, Is Polo Player —On Ocean Trip Ran Mile Around Deck Nightly

W. Cameron Forbes
W. CAMERON FORBES United States Ambassador to Japan

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WASHINGTON, Aug 11 (A. P.)~ When Col Charles A. Lindbergh alights with Mrs Lindbergh in Tokyo and shakes hands with United States Ambassador W. Cameron Forbes he will meet a man with whom he has much in common.

It will be a far different meeting from the historic one in Paris, where the bashful “Lindy” was received with fatherly pride by Ambassador Herrick and pushed out upon the balcony to receive the tumultuous applause of the crowds.

The flying colonel will find in the United States Ambassador to Japan a fine outdoor comrade to share the joys of his co-called “vacation journey.”

Charles Lindbergh , with his wife Ann Morrow Lindbergh, here September 11, 1931 after arrival in Tokyo during reception in their honour here with ambassador Cameron Forbes and General Nagaishi Nagoaka (father of Japanese aviation) (Photo by Apic/Getty Images)

Ran Mile Around Deck

Mr. Forbes is almost as enthusiastic over polo and sailing as Col Lindbergh is over aviation. Though 61, he still plays a hard game of polo and it was only a few years ago while missing the Pacific that he did a nightly mile run around the deck of the steamer after the rest of the passengers had retired.

When he and Lindbergh reach the 3000-foot high mountain resort at Kariuzavra after the big reception in Tokio, they perhaps will have long care-free hours for talking about horses, motor boats and airplanes.

Forbes is a keen polo enthusiast. He has a polo field on his own front lawn in Norwood, Mass, and raises polo ponies on his ranch in Wyoming.

He organized the game in the Philippine Islands when he was Governor General there and donated a polo field from his own funds. He has written a book which is considered an authority on polo and also one on the Philippine Islands.

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Grandson of Emerson

Forbes is a grandson of Ralph Waldo Emerson and a Harvard graduate. Though he has made money and inherited it, Ambassador Forbes is, like Lindbergh, a man of simple and catholic tastes. Friends says he took the post at Tokio at considerable personal sacrifice.

Five feet, 11 inches in height, he is smooth-shaven, slightly bald. Life in the open, good physique and features have given him a good-looking appearance.

He is fond of carpentering and has a complete set of tools in the basement of his Massachusetts home where, in stormy weather when he cannot sail or ride, he makes odd pieces of furniture.

Forbes is a bachelor. He has been in his Japan post a little more than a year. Until the completion of the new million-and-a-half-dollar embassy in Tokio he is occupying the home of Dr Teusler, head of the St Luke’s International Hospital.

It is here the Lindberghs will rest for two days before their reception at the Tokio Club. Then they will accompany the Ambassador to the high cool air of Kariuzawa.

Tue, Aug 11, 1931 – 14 · The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)