Col Lee

NORWOOD, April 28—Lt Col George T. Lee, 25, son of Mrs. Mary J. Lee of 26 Rock st., this town, recently flew his 252d mission to set a new 1st Tactical Air Force record.

Commanding officer of “Lee’s Invaders” and a veteran P-47 Thunderbolt pilot he has earned an enviable reputation in several theaters of war.

He flew his first mission two years when his group was supporting the British 8th Army in Africa. Since that time he has seen action in the French, Sicilian, Tunisian, Libyan and the current campaign over Germany.

Col Lee’s outfit has been cited by the War Department for its part in helping smash the Cassino stalemate, and in two years of overseas service his men have flown more than 26,000 sorties, totalling 45,000 combat hours, and have destroyed or damaged 700 locomotives, 8000 railroad cars and 8000 trucks, as well as bridges ammunition dumps, warehouses and other vital targets.

One day during the Italian campaign he flew almost eight hours in combat. During this session he had flown two hours when enemy flak started drilling his propellor and fired his engine. Landing the plane he borrowed another and flew it nearly six combat hours.

Lt Col Lee was graduated from Norwood High, class of 1937. He joined the service the day after Pearl Harbor. December, 1941, while a student at M. I. T.


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