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Books & Gifts

Transforming Norwood: Architect William G. Upham’s Contribution to Early 20th Century Norwood
Heather Cole documents the historical and architectural significance of the municipal and commercial buildings in Norwood that were designed by Upham in the first half of the 20th century. (2012)
Price $7

Making a Presence: F. Holland Day in Artistic Photography
In this catalogue for an exhibit staged at Phillips Academy and Bowdoin College, Trevor Fairbrother offers a dynamic portrait of the iconoclastic, independent artist. (Addison Gallery of American Art, 2012)
Price $20

Mapping Norwood: An Irish-American Memoir
Charles Fanning shares a history of Norwood from the 1920s to 1960s through the experiences of his family and his own childhood and adolescence. The book also includes Fanning’s research into his Irish ancestors and the experience of immigrant families in the 19th century. (University of Massachusetts Press, 2010)
Price $30

Influenza and Inequality: One Town’s Tragic Response to the Great Epidemic of 1918
The “Spanish flue” epidemic of 1918 reached far beyond Europe, and took a heavy toll on the community of Norwood. Patricia J. Fanning explores the local response to the disease, including the sociological, psychological, and political dimensions of actions taken within a socially stratified community. (University of Massachusetts Press, 2010)
Price $23

Through an Uncommon Lens: The Life and Photography of F. Holland Day
A comprehensive biography of the world-renowned photographer (and Norwood native) Fred Holland Day, by local historian Patricia J. Fanning. Illustrated with more than 100 photographs, including 32 duotone illustrations of the artist’s work. (University of Massachusetts Press, 2008)
Price $40

Remembering Norwood: Win Everett’s Tales of Tyot
An entertaining collection of stories about the history of Norwood written by beloved local journalist Win Everett. Available for the first time since their original publication in the 1930s. Complimented by more than 40 historic Norwood photographs. Edited by Heather S. Cole and Edward J. Sweeney. (The History Press, 2008)
Price $20

Images of America: South Norwood
by the Norwood Historical Society & South Norwood Committee (Arcadia Press, 2004)
The first-ever photographic history of “the Flats” neighborhood. Features never-before-seen vintage photographs of South Norwood dating from ca. 1885 through the present. Includes chapters on early immigrants, neighborhood churches, local businesses, family and neighborhood activities, veterans and South Norwood today.
Regular Price: $20

Images of America: Norwood
by John Grove
This fascinating visual history of Norwood contains more than 100 historic photographs from the Norwood Historical Society’s collection.
Regular Price: $19 Sale Price: $12

Norwood, A History
Part of The Making of America series
by Patricia J. Fanning (Arcadia Press, 2002)
Written by the Norwood Historical Society’s Fred Holland Day archivist, this is a comprehensive history of Norwood and South Dedham.
Regular price: $25

DVD: The Movie Queen
Filmed in Norwood in 1935 and available for the first time on DVD! The story of a “Hollywood star” who comes back to a grand reception in her home town of Norwood. Full of local scenes and faces. Digitized by Northeast Historic Films.

DVD: The Movie Man
This silent film features 1914 footage of Norwood, transferred from the original 35mm nitrate film.

Prints: 12 x 18″ Photographic Images by F. Holland Day
From the collection of The Royal Photographic Society – Edition Van Gogh Museum.
1. Hypnos, c.1896/97
2. Ebony and Ivory, c.1897
Regular Price: $25 Sale Price: $10

Postcards: Photographic Images by F. Holland Day
From the collection of The Royal Photographic Society – Edition Van Gogh Museum.
1. Ethopian head crowned, c.1897
2. Saint Sebastian (Nicola Giancola), 1906
3. Hypnos, c.1896/97
4. Nude youth with lyre, 1907
5. A Marine, 1912
6. Ebony and Ivory, c.1897
7. Ebony c.1897
8. The Vision
$2.00 each

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