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In 1942, the federal government implemented a rationing system to insure equal access to food, clothing and fuel that was in short supply due to World War II. Families were given booklets with ration coupons that allowed them to purchase a certain amount of particular types of items. To supplement the ration coupons, Americans recycled aluminum cans, planted “Victory gardens” and tried to cut down on their expenses.

Fuel oil was also rationed during World War II. In this March 1944 letter, a local coal company explains to its customers that there is not any coal rationing, but that customers are required to notify the company how much coal they used the past year and how much they estimate they will need in the next year. This was so that the federal government could keep track of the resources used on the homefront.

Collection: Mss.1 Norwood Industries (b.2, f.17)
Date: 31 March 1944
Location: Norwood, MA
Item type: letter
Author: John. A Whittemore’s Sons Co.
MA History/
Social Studies Frameworks:

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