Smith Letter from W.H. Monroe

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Lyman Smith’s Sons tannery purchased most of their raw material in Europe and South Africa. They sent buying agents abroad on months-long trips to purchase the sheep, goat and cow hides that would be tanned and turned into leather for boots, shoes, gloves and industrial belts.

In 1874, buying agent W.H. Monroe wrote to Lyman Smith’s Sons from Vienna, Austria to report on his success in procuring materials. His letter describes how slow the market is as the result of a depression in Europe, citing the cost of pelts in England and France. He also describes the effect the depression has had on Austrian culture, in particular, with great personal losses, suicides and even murder among those who lost their fortunes in the stock market.

Collection: Mss.5 Winslow Bros. & Smith Company (b.1, f.4)
Date: 13 February 1874
Location: Vienna, Austria
Item type: letter
Author: W.H. Monroe
MA History/
Social Studies Frameworks:
USII.1, E.1.2, E.2.1, E.2.7, E.5.3

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