Original Residence of George H. Morrill


Prior to 1900, most of the land that comprises today’s South Norwood was farmland owned by the Morse and Morrill families. Between ca. 1900 and 1910, hundreds of new immigrants, primarily those from southern and eastern Europe, came to Norwood to work in the expanding factories. They needed a place to live, and in a short period the farmland of South Norwood was transformed into new roads covered by hastily-built multi-family houses and businesses.

This photograph shows South Norwood just prior to its residential development. The road through the center of the photograph is Washington Street, with just a few houses on either side. The home of George H. Morrill (referred to in the photo’s title) is on the hill on the far left. The building on the far right is the home of John Morse, which is still standing today.

Collection: Mss.4 George H. Morrill Co. (b.1, f.3)
Date: 1880
Location: Norwood, MA
Item type: photograph
Photographer: unknown
MA History/
Social Studies Frameworks:
3.8, 3.11, USII.2

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This project is supported by a grant from the Norwood Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.


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