Morrill Ink Works


The George H. Morrill Company, more popularly known as the Morrill Ink Works, was originally founded in 1845 in Andover, Mass. by Samuel Morrill. In 1856, Morrill moved his factory to a site on the Neponset River on the southern end of Pleasant Street. The company manufactured inks not only in its Norwood plant but also in San Francico and New York.

The Morrill Ink Works was so successful that by the time this photograph was taken the factory comprised more than a dozen brick and wooden buildings (some of which still survive.) By 1913, the George H. Morrill Company was the largest printing ink works in the world, supplying ink for a number of newspapers and publishing companies.

Collection: Mss.4 George H. Morrill Co. (b.1, f.3)
Date: 1880
Location: Norwood, MA
Item type: photograph
Photographer: unknown
MA History/
Social Studies Frameworks:
3.8, 3.11, USII.2

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