The Norwood Press was formed in 1894 by several individual companies coming together to form a company that covered all aspects of the book-making process. They built a new factory on Washington Street in Norwood. The J.S. Cushing & Co. handled composition and typesetting and Berwick & Smith Co. was the pressroom. George C. Scott Electrotypers also did typesetting, until being bought out by J.S. Cushing in the later 1890s. In 1897, the bindery E. Fleming & Co. (later known as C.B. Fleming & Co.) joined the Norwood Press to complete the book-making process. Norwood Press specialized in textbooks, bibles, catalogues and pamphlets and became one of the largest companies of its kind.

Despite being part of the Norwood Press conglomerate, each company retained its own identity and customers. The logos for the companies that comprised Norwood Press in 1894 include intriguing imagery of books, printing presses, lamps and even an owl. What can you learn about the companies from their logos?

Collection: Mss.2 Norwood Press (b.1, f.3)
Date: 20 December 1894
Location: Norwood, MA
Item type: company logos
Designers: unknown
MA History/
Social Studies Frameworks:
3.12, 3.13, USII.2. Interdisciplinary connections to art.

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