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In 1915, Norwood became the first town in New England to introduce a new form of municipal government: the Town Manager. This system, designed to mimic a corporate board of directors and make local government more efficient, appointed a professional manager to oversee the daily operation of the town, consolodated the power of town commissions, and expanded the Board of Selectmen from three members to five.

Across New England, the Town Manager system was often promoted by local businessmen and industrialists, who described it as more efficient and progressive. In this article, the president of the Massachusetts Board of Trade argues that good municipal management is vital for industrial development in a town. This article, published in the monthly newsletter of the Norwood Civic Association, describes Norwood’s new Town Manager government as exemplary.

Collection: Mss.1 Norwood Industries (b.1, f.1)
Date: November 1917
Location: Norwood, MA
Item type: newspaper article
Author: Frank A. Whitcher, president of MA State Board of Trade
MA History/
Social Studies Frameworks:
USII.2, USII.8, USG.3.10

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